How To Train a Dog To Fetch

One of the most enjoyable games to play with a pet dog is fetch. It involves throwing an object such as a stick or a ball and having the canine creature chase after it and bring it back to you.

Many individuals assume that this is something most of these wonderful creatures are capable of doing naturally.However the truth is they need training in order for them to be to fetch. Dog training requires patience and several other skills all of which can be learned and mastered pretty well. Below are the steps to follow to train train your dog to fetch.

Start With The Sit Command

Before anything else ensure your dog has a good understanding of this command. All games of fetch should start with you ordering your pooch to sit. Make sure he is sitting serenely next to you before moving on to the next step.

This will ensure that as soon as he learns the rules of the game,he will not jump up on you to try and get the ball before you even get an opportunity to toss it.

Train your dog to sit first

Train your dog to sit first

Send Him Out

Upon getting your pet to sit,throw the ball and command him to fetch it. Start off by casting it just a short distance. Most dogs will impulsively go after the ball and pick it up. If so,you are done with this part.

However if this does not come naturally to your pet you may have to work on teaching him to play first. To start off,you can applaud or give him treats for taking an interest in the ball and gradually work your way up to have him go after the ball and pick it up.

Call Him Back

This step is among the most critical parts of the game of fetch and the stage many people run into snag. If you cannot get your dog to come back and drop the ball,you are not playing fetch, you are playing chase! The best way to get your pet to return to you with the ball is to ensure he has a strong grasp of the ”Come” command before you start off.

When playing the game of fetch with your canine pet,give him the above order immediately he picks up the ball. You can encourage your dog to return to you by speaking to him in a happy voice or even giving him praises. It is important to note that these creatures are just like human beings and will always notice the little things said or done to them.

If your dog is having trouble with this step, you may need to shorten the distance to which the ball is tossed. Sometimes this may require you to start off with just a few feet and increase gradually until everything gets to perfection. However ensure that he is able to consistently bring back the ball before moving on to the next distance.

Dog training classes

Dog training classes can be a great way to learn skills and socialise your dog

Teach Him the ”Release or Drop It” Command

Training your dog to bring back to you the ball once he gets hold of it can be such a daunting task. However if he is acquainted with the above command things can be like a walk in the park.

So do not forget to practice that before beginning to play fetch and as soon as he returns to you give him the ”Drop It” command. If he releases the ball reward him by giving an applause or a gift and repeat this until your dog masters this command. However sometimes he may refuse to obey your order and if that is the case don’t shout at him just roll a few tricks up your sleeves and things will work out.

You may hold some treats in your hand to show him once you have given the command. This will encourage your pet to obey your command so that he can get your presents. However ensure that you wait until the ball is back in your possession before offering the treat.

Alternatively you can use 2 balls; as soon as your pet returns with the first ball, show him the second one you are holding in your hand. Remember dogs can easily get fascinated and as such yours is likely to drop the ball he is clenching in order to have the second one. As soon as he drops it,toss the ball in your hand for him to retrieve. This trick works pretty well.

Avoid Playing Chase

Take note that when you are going through these steps your dog is likely to be just as excited playing chase. Do not get sucked into this game,if he runs off with the ball,turn your back to him and start walking away.

Most dogs will run towards you but if yours refuses to do so end the game. For a canine pet who persists in running away with the ball,the best thing to do is to practice with them on a leash.

You may toss the ball just a short distance, give him the ”Come” command and then stand there waiting out. Also don’t forget to use treats and applauds as an encouragement.

Taking The Next Steps With Dog Training

Feel like you’ve learned as much as you can from tutorials and videos online? It’s time to find an experienced dog trainer in your local area. If you need a Melbourne dog trainer, contact Positive K9 Training. Outside of Melbourne, you can check out or do a Google search for dog trainers.

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